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Acceptance Testing

Acceptance Lighting

Acceptance testing the process that field technicians go through on order to verify installations and ensure they meet T24 and other expectations set out by the state and the client. The technicians conducting these tests are certified professionals who value accuracy and honesty above everything else. Verification and acceptance testing is a vital part of retrofitting and building new systems in your building or home.

Our technicians at HERS Raters, Inc. are qualified and certified to conducts this testing a verification. The reports that they create are thorough, easy to understand, and accurate. We take a great deal of pride in our work and we make sure that your project is done right.

Mechanical Testing

Mechanical acceptance testing was introduced in 2005 with the goal being to bring down energy consumption in the state of California. The testing ensures that that the equipment, system, and controls are all operating efficiently and meet the standards set by the state of California.

It’s important that these tests be completed and submitted by professionals like the team here at HERS Raters, Inc. because without these reports occupancy cannot be granted. These tests are good for the environment, you the client, and everyone who works under your roof. Contact us today and speak to an expert about getting you acceptance mechanical testing done.