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Refrigerant Charge Measurement

Refrigerant Charge

The need for accurate refrigerant charge measurements has never been more important. Rising energy cost and a demand for more efficient cooling systems have made accurate measurements a necessity.

Our Technicians are experts at handling all kind of air conditioner refrigerant charge measurement tools. Few technicians in the industry really understand to go about the process of properly conducting refrigerant charge measurement and that’s why here at HERS Raters, Inc. we take special pride in our technician training and focus on refrigerant charge measurement. It’s all in an effort to save you money.

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When you work with HERS Raters you know that you’re getting the best service at a competitive price. We ensure that your home or business’s duct system is compliant with every applicable state law and that you meet the necessary legal requirements. For more information or a quote contact us today.

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