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One of the many services we provide is Duct Testing. Leaks and installation flaws will cause any air conditioning system to run inefficiently. These mistakes or leaks are not only bad for your wallet but it could also cause you to face a fine from the state of California if they aren’t fixed. Even beyond that, it’s California law that ducts get tested whenever a new air conditioning system is installed in a home or business. Our state of the art equipment will help you identify any problems or existing leaks in your system. This way you can save time and money.

All the conditioned air in your home runs through the ducts and unfortunately, some of them are not designed as efficiently as they should be. Leaks and inefficiencies can cause your cooled or heated air to escape and cause the system to run in a less than optimal way. We can identify the source of your inefficiencies with industry leading testing and examination with high-tech viewing tools and recording equipment. This along with thorough and expert examination will allow us to diagnose and then repair the problem area by sealing, repairing or in some cases redesigning the system.

You should care about how well your ducts function because it cost you money. It will also make your home or business more comfortable as you’ll be less likely to encounter problem areas where cold and heat spikes were previously frequent. You can also save yourself money because if there are leaks or inefficiencies it could cause undue stress on the heating and A/C unit, meaning that it’ll die sooner or break down and you’ll have to replace it.

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When you work with HERS Raters you know that you’re getting the best service at a competitive price. We ensure that your home or business’s duct system is compliant with every applicable state law and that you meet the necessary legal requirements. For more information or a quote contact us today.

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